Visiting Tibooburra

Tibooburra is a township steeped in history. Charles Sturt's passed through the area during his Inland Expedition in 1845. Soon after pastoralists arrived with their flocks of sheep and the wool industry began.

Then, in the late 1870s, gold was discovered in the area. For a while, several hundred people lived in the area known as the Granites, named after the granite tors which surround the town. These days the population is around 100 people. The town's name was changed to Tibooburra, a local Aboriginal word for "pile of rocks".

Tibooburra is an axis to all four points of the compass and a great place to stay for a while before you fuel and stock up on supplies and head out again.

There are so many things to do in and around Tibooburra, here are just a few:

  • Tibooburra (Two Storey) Hotel and the famous "Hat Bar"
  • Historic Court House & National Parks Museum
  • Sturt National Park
  • Sunset Hill Lookout (great for photographers)
  • Pioneer Park & the replica of Sturt's boat
  • Tibooburra Outback School of the Air
  • Drive-In Theatre (one of very few left in Australia)
  • Gold prospecting
  • Walking tracks around unique granite "Tors"
  • The original quarry where hotel sandstone came from
  • The Dog Fence, Milparinka, Sturt's Cairn, Depot Glen, and Pooles Grave

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